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A vehicle service contract, or an extended warranty, protects your car after your factory warranty expires.

Vehicle Service Contract Information Center

We understand just how confusing the information available can be, with policy restriction and technical terms, so we created this library of resources. We grew tired of standing in long lines at the motor vehicle agencies and we had heard countless reports from customers not being able to find answers to their questions. By putting consumer concerns first, we were able to create this ‘all knowing’ resource.

We all know that finding information on extended auto warranties can be a difficult task, especially finding answers from an unbiased, third-party website. This is why we do all the work for you. In addition to finding consumers the most accurate and easy-to-understand info about the vehicle protection industry, we are dedicated to helping consumers any possible way. Drivers have questions they want answered when shopping around between different car warranty companies and we’re here to find the answers for you. This includes information pertaining to “what is an extended auto warranty?”, “what is covered?”, “where you can buy one?”, and much, much more.

Welcome to ExtendedAutoWarranty.com, home of the Internet’s largest library of resources on extended auto warranties. We are an independent team of researchers, reviewers, and auto protection experts. We provide unbiased and honest information that we publish ourselves as well as material found on the Internet that has been deemed relevant and reputable.

It is our mission to provide consumers with the advice they need without the hassle of finding it.

Because so many “review sites” and “information resources” provide opinions that have been influenced by the company under review, it is difficult to find a straight answer to your questions. We scour the Internet, call every company, and compile then share our research outcome with you. At ExtendedAutoWarranty.com, you get all the advice you need and none of the bias that you don’t.

We were like you once: Owning a car with repairs that we could barely afford, constantly searching for a better way to deal with costly repair bills. But one thing we found extremely difficult was getting information that was not only truthful but unbiased. We found dozens of websites claiming to provide information on the extended warranty industry that contained less-than-credible resources. As a result, we brought this website to life. And by doing so, we became the #1 Consumer Extended Vehicle Protection website on the Internet.

Extended Auto Warranty Companies Reviewed

Finding the best plan at the right price is not easy so you’ll have to take time to shop around. Of course you have to first decide if you actually need the warranty. This will depend on personal preferences and how much of the future risks you are willing to take care of. While most cars will require numerous repairs for as long as you own them, some will need no more than routine maintenance. Then there are those that will require unexpected but very expensive repairs. Just like when purchasing a vehicle, the best way is to compare different options on the internet. Fortunately, there are independent companies that review and rate extended auto warranty providers for clients.

Buying Guide

Extended auto coverage is available for new as well as used cars. Since new cars come with a factory warranty, the need for extended coverage largely depends on how long you intend to keep the vehicle. For example, most factory plans usually last three years or up to 36,000 miles. Now if you intend to keep the car for two or three years, purchasing an extended warranty may make little sense. However, if you plan on keeping the car for a long time after the factory warranty expires then it’s a good idea to extend your protection. If buying a used car, there is a high probability that the factory coverage plan will not be transferable or will have expired so you’ll need extra protection.

It’s always good to know what is covered, and what’s not covered by the Vehicle Service Contract you intend to buy. Does it cover wear and tear? What about breakdown? Under breakdown, some warranties cover only the parts that break. But you know well that not all parts fail due to breakdown so such a policy will be less inclusive than is desirable. Some policies extend coverage to parts that wear out with time under the “wear and tear” subtitle. Again, not all extended policies have this feature. Some contracts do not cover ABS brakes and most of them don’t cover overheating. Transmission, engine, seals and gaskets, drive axle assembly and turbocharger/superchargers will usually be covered, though it is better to fully explore specific options before committing to a plan.

Types of Extended Protection

Some companies require that you pay the repair and submit a receipt to the warranty provider for reimbursement. While this is not a bad idea, you may sometimes have to wait for weeks or even months before you get your money back. Then there are those that pay the repair shop directly and almost immediately. For purposes of convenience, never purchase warranties that don’t pay the shop directly.


what you should know about warranties

What is an extended auto warranty? Also known as a service contract, a service management or a maintenance agreement is a prolonged warranty usually offered to consumers on top of the standard protection plan.

cost of protection policy for trucks, SUVs and sedans

Where can you buy one? Extended warranties can be offered by the manufacturer, administrator or by a retailer - usually online or via phone. These warranties, however, come with their own terms and conditions which may not be similar to those of the original policy.

cost of protection policy for trucks, SUVs and sedans

Important to remember. For instance, some extended warranties cover mechanical failure from normal use and nothing more. Damages from malicious destruction or owner abuse will therefore not be covered.

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Most of the time, the dealers are not providers of warranty, they are just third parties who either earn commission from provider for each client they bring or add on their fee on top of what the extended warranty actually costs.

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Extended Auto Warranty Companies Reviewed

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Vehicle Service Contracts are often referred to as extended auto warranties, but they are not warranties. Vehicle Service Contract protects your car after original factory warranty expires. All covered components are listed in the contract and exclude regular wear and tear items.