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Concept Cars at the LA Auto Show

With a thousand cars to view, the LA Auto Show has something for everyone. Many show vehicles are upgrades of last year’s models, showing off their new features, while others are concept cars that are making their first debut as[...]

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Obstacles to Self-Driving Car Technology

Imagine walking out of your house to head to work. As you approach the driver door, it automatically slides open. “Good morning! The drive to work will take around 23 minutes. Would you like me to pull up the news?”[...]

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Hurricane Aid for Damaged Cars

This past hurricane season has been difficult for many people on the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Harvey alone has broken rainfall records in the continental United States with over 50 inches of rain, more than the city of Houston gets in[...]

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Increased Auto Manufacturer Interest in Electric Cars

Almost every major automobile manufacturer has hinted towards a potential transition to electric cars in the near future. Porsche is spending over a billion dollars to start discontinuing diesel and instead produce its first battery-only model, the Mission-E sedan. Tesla’s[...]

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Ford Focus Plant Moving to China for 2020 Release

The production of one of Ford’s most popular cars, the Ford Focus, will be halted for roughly one year amid a shaky sales period for small American cars. In order to cut cost and improve sales in the long run,[...]

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Takata Files for Bankruptcy Protection Amid Airbag Recalls

Nearly a decade after the first of many airbag recalls, Japanese Auto parts maker Takata Corp. has filed for bankruptcy protection. The once massively successful company has fallen off since serious safety issues with their products have been revealed to[...]

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Amazon Now Planning to Sell Cars in Europe

Already the most valuable retailer in the United States, Amazon is now looking to extend their reign overseas. Jeff Bezos’ company has become dominant in more areas than just e-commerce, and it appears that Amazon’s next groundbreaking move is to[...]

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Honda Reveals Strategy and Timeline for Self-Driving Cars

In a statement released on Thursday, Honda revealed that it expects to release self-driving cars by 2025. This is the first confirmation that Honda will participate in the already heated race to become the front-runner for autonomous vehicles. From Honda’s[...]

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Elon Musk Resigns From White House Advisory Council

After Donald Trump backed out of the Paris Climate Change agreement on Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has chosen to step down from Trump’s advisory council. This move may come as a surprise considering that one of Musk’s other major[...]

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