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Received a Notice

I received a letter from Vehicle Services Department a few days ago (from Plano, TX) and the rep I spoke with was very nice. He explained that my factory warranty may have expired and told me how to find out the exact date and miles. Didn't pressure me into buying anything.


Vehicle Services Department was founded to give drivers and vehicle owners new options with which they can save money in case they have a breakdown or need car repairs. As per their namesake, they are providers of “vehicle service contracts,” which are often called “extended auto warranties.” These contracts act as a way to continue protecting a vehicle in case of mechanical breakdowns, when the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. There exists a lapse in vehicle coverage many vehicle owners wish to avoid and a VSC is one way to do that.

Vehicle Services Department is a nationwide independent provider.  Their service is provided on behalf of industry-leading administrators and insured by A rated A.M. best insurance companies. Their specialists assist their customers with finding the best plans and coverage options. Customers will find themselves guided every step of the way: levels of coverage, deductibles, length of coverage, prices, and even payment options will be given. Vehicle Services Department has a reputation for working with the highest-rated administrators and insurance companies. They have made it their duty to arm vehicle owners with all the knowledge they need to protect themselves financially, just in case they need to make emergency repairs.


Whereas an auto insurance plan is focused on covering damage caused to vehicles by an accident, theft, fire, and disasters, a vehicle service contract, from companies like Vehicle Services Department, focus on the cost of covered mechanical failures. This is especially helpful when a vehicle breaks down under normal use and the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

A notable feature with Vehicle Services Department is that they have four main plan options that are setup in a tiered manner. The coverage plans from least comprehensive to most are as follows: Basic Powertrain, Powertrain Plus, Gold Component Plan, and the Platinum Exclusionary Plan.

The difference between some plans are minor, others more noticeable. Below are the main differences and details comparing the 4 main coverage plans:

  • Basic Powertrain

As noted by the name, this is the basic form of coverage. However that doesn’t mean “worst.” A plan like this is meant to focus on the most important and expensive parts of a vehicle: engine, transmission, and drive axle. Vehicle Services Department recommends this plan for vehicles with higher mileages and of course, owners focused on protecting themselves from the most expensive covered repairs. This is the easiest coverage option to qualify for, but in order to stay covered, a vehicle owner is expected to continue their maintenance according to the car manufacturer’s recommendations.

  • Powertrain Plus

An upgrade from the Basic plan, the Powertrain Plus option offers all the above but with the added benefit of coverage for mechanical and electrical components. This includes the water pump, air conditioning, starter, alternator, and power window motors.

  • Gold Component Plan

Vehicle Services Department considers the Gold Component Plan one of their most comprehensive plans for vehicles. It was made to protect cars that have upwards of 100,000 current miles on the odometer. In addition to covering what was listed on the powertrain plans it also covers the starter, alternator, electrical, brakes, steering, and much more. This plan falls just short of being considered “exclusionary coverage” but it still provides a very comprehensive level of coverage.

  • Platinum Exclusionary Plan

Vehicle Services Department aims to help drivers when their manufacturer no longer can. That’s why they have a plan that can match manufacturer warranties on new vehicles. It’s called “exclusionary” because the contracts have a small list of coverage exceptions. The exceptions include normal wear and tear such as tires, batteries, and light. If it’s not on the list, assume that this plan covers the part or component. This includes major items from other levels of coverage like the engine and transmission, but also smaller components like the fuel pump, brakes, and air conditioning.


Vehicle Services Department Coverage Options

Reading the above, it is clear that there is very few differences between the two powertrain options, so the company doesn’t really treat them as wholly separate tiers. Their website does not have a means to compare their coverage options. However, based on our research the above checklist shows us how their plans differ. We recommend that customers pay attention to price differences when calling for information to determine which plan they can afford, as well as which fits their needs.


Vehicle Services Department‘s coverage and payment plans can be customized for each and every driver’s unique needs. They will be able to see what kind of deductible they’re looking at, the length of coverage they qualify for, and what components on their car can be covered. Every Vehicle Services Department plan allows vehicle owners to choose any licensed repair facility, a major convenience in case of breakdowns. An additional benefit for vehicle owners is that Vehicle Services Department plans are transferable and renewable, with some expected restrictions and fees, of course.

Vehicle Services Department Benefits include:

  • Customized contracts.
  • No limit on claims
  • Transferable/Renewable coverage
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Trip interruption benefits
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • Tire repairs and replacement coverage

Customers are able to cancel their contract with Vehicle Services Department at any time. However, they offer a 30 money-back guarantee (after you’ve made the 1st payment), meaning you are eligible for a full refund if you cancel the contract during the “trial period.” Cancelling after the 1st 30 days means you are eligible for a pro-rated refund. The process for cancellation is easy, requiring that the vehicle owner submit a notarized cancellation form that will be processed promptly.

It should be noted that if a vehicle owner fails to send in the cancellation form or payment BEFORE their next payment due date, they will be automatically cancelled due to non-payment and may no longer be eligible for the pro-rated refund.


Vehicle Services Department is a gold-certified member of the Vehicle Protection Association. And all warranties sold by Vehicle Services Department  are insured by A.M. Best A-rated insurance companies.

Customer Service:

Vehicle Services Department puts a lot of value into their highly trained customer support staff. They wish to maintain a reputation for having specialists with extensive automobile and service-related experience to best help customers with their needs.

Vehicle Services Department is available by phone, so whenever a vehicle issue occurs, a policy holder should have no issue reaching out to the company. Their roadside assistance is available to users 24/7/365 as an added convenience. As of this review, however, their website has no live chat feature.