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Under the Hood: Diagnosing Car Problems for Novices

Cars are incredibly complex beasts, so diagnosing even the simplest problems can be a complicated issue. The vast majority of us aren’t bothered to become fluent in the automotive language. We buy our Camry’s and Accord’s and we go on[...]

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Elon Musk Resigns From White House Advisory Council

After Donald Trump backed out of the Paris Climate Change agreement on Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has chosen to step down from Trump’s advisory council. This move may come as a surprise considering that one of Musk’s other major[...]

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From Warranties to Engineering: Hyundai Genesis Gets an Upgrade in Luxury

Hyundai has long been hyping the official launch of the Genesis luxury brand, and in order to further entice a new customer base Hyundai, renowned for their comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty, is now officially loading their vehicles up with almost every[...]

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Jaguar Ups Its Warranty and Service Coverage

Even in the midst of recalls, you’ll rarely if ever hear auto executives speak frankly about their brand’s alleged history of making “bad cars.” That’s just what the new management over at Jaguar did. The historically British brand, now owned[...]

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